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Paresa Kouhestani

Hi Everyone!

It’s been awhile, right? Sorry for being so MIA, but sometimes life just takes over! I recently went on a trip to Banff, Canada and it was kind of amazing. I can’t remember the last time I had such a good and drama free vacation. I’ve recently posted my travel guide for Banff which you can view HERE, but I also wanted to share some of the outfits I wore.


September in Banff means cold, chilly, rainy and even snowy days! I was very excited for this because I LOVE the cold! Fall in DC doesn’t hit until October/November and I was getting more and more excited about the possibility of snow while we were in Canada. Since I was expecting cold weather, I wanted to get thin thermal layers that weren’t too bulky, so it would make hiking easier and that I could easily layer. Some of you know, my go to color is black. It’s easy to wash, goes with everything and it’s always in season. Most of what I brought was black, but they are things that I ALWAYS wear because I can. These are pieces I know I can count on and I always keep in my closet.


Our first day at Lake Louise, and hiking the Plain of Six Glaciers, was overcast and there was a possible chance of rain all day. I decided to go with a Columbia thermal I bought for ski season, Zella leggings, this J. Crew puffer vest and my BCBG rain coat. I had heard from a couple friends that I should bring actual hiking boots, but I didn’t want to invest in hiking shoes so I just brought my Nike’s and it was totally fine! This worked out really well because when we first started walking I was thinking I didn’t wear enough layers because I was freezing. Once we started the Plain of Six Glaciers hike, since it’s mostly steep go up, it really warmed us up and it was easy to loose the light layers and carry.

thermal: Columbia (similar here) // leggings: Zella // puffer vest: J. Crew (runs large, order 1 size down) // rain jacket: BCBG (older, similar here) // shoes: Nike (older, similar here)


Our second day we went to the gorgeous Moraine Lake and I decided to go with this waffle pattern thermal I got at Costco (yes, THAT Costco, but it was only $12!), Zella leggings, a J. Crew puffer vest, my BCBG rain coat AND my short puffer jacket. It was very cold that morning and I needed all the layers I could get! Once we got in the canoes, I shed the rain coat because the rowing was giving me a good workout, but it’s always better to be too hot and able to take layers off, then it is to be freezing and not have anything warmer, right?

thermal: Costco // leggings: Zella // puffer vest: J. Crew (runs large, order 1 size down) // jacket: Andrew Marc (older, similar here) // shoes: Nike (older, similar here)


Our final day was sunnier and better weather at Johnston Canyone so I decided to fore-go all the layers and stick to this amazing new thermal from Uniqlo, Zella leggings and my rain jacket.

sweater: Uniqlo // leggings: Zella // puffer vest: J. Crew (runs large, order 1 size down) // rain jacket: BCBG (older, similar here // shoes: Nike (older, similar here)

Have any of you been to Banff or plan to? Comment below and let me know other amazing places you’d recommend! Don’t forget to follow me on Insta!


Paresa Kouhestani

Hey darlings! Sorry for the sudden absence, but I'm still here! It's been a crazy couple of months since last checking in! I made the big move from Colorado to Washington, D.C. and am totally loving it! I have a lot of family here and this is a city that I love! It's not as crazy busy and dirty as NYC, but still has big city vibes. Not to mention such good shopping, eats and fashion scenes! The menswear game I see on the metro every morning is strong-- I love it! 

I usually take a blogging break during the summer mainly because there's so much going on, but also because summer just isn't my season. I have very pale skin (#obviously) and sunburn so easily! Not to mention I cannot stand heat and humidity. I usually don't update my wardrobe over the summer, because I don't really care to. I would much rather put that money towards a Fall and Winter wardrobe-anyone else feel that way?

top: Nordstrom // leggings: Zella // trench vest: Amazon // boots: Zara  //
handbag: Longchamp

I've decided to try and bring more colors into my wardrobe. We will see how far I actually get because most of my wish lists still include most black and gray items, but I'm getting there! I found this extra long maroon sleeveless trench vest and loved it! It's great for those Fall days when it's not super cold, but you still want something warm(ish). I paired it with my favorite long-sleeve top (I have this in 5 colors!) and my must-have high-waist leggings! If you don't own a pair of high-waist leggings, you aren't living your best life! They are legit amazing and oh-so flattering. I also found these ah-mazing booties from Zara. That's another great thing I love about being on the East Coast--I'm close to Zara again (#bless)!  The shape of the heel is different and giving me retro vibes and they are so affordable! Enjoy the look and keep an eye on the blog for DC travel posts and more!

-Paresa xx

top: Nordstrom // leggings: Zella // trench vest: Amazon // boots: Zara  //
handbag: Longchamp


Know any good places to eat in DC? Comment below with your recs!


Paresa Kouhestani

Hello Darlings! What a busy month June was, am I right?! I can't believe it's already July! For me it's not the most fun month because it gets so hot (#palepeopleproblems)! HOWEVER, Game of Thrones starts in just a few short weeks as well as some other shows I'm excited to dive into! 

Denver Comic Con took place this weekend and I was so incredibly excited to (finally) attend! I've never been to a Comic Con event anywhere. So unfortunate, right? For the last four years I've definitely been in that group of people that *patiently* wait by their computers when SDCC tickets go on sale and are quickly rejected. For the Denver based event, I've either been too busy, out of town or didn't see any panels/exhibits I was super interested in. This year there was so much I was excited about and knew I needed Denver Comic Con 2017 to happen! All I have to say is, OH MY GOD-IT WAS INCREDIBLE!

DCC outfit.jpg

top: Target (men's department-I'm wearing size small) // pants: Nordstrom (old, similar found here) // shoes: Topshop // sunglasses: Céline // backpack: Clarks (similar found here)

Friday was the day I decided to attend because of the panels and events! Most importantly, James and Oliver Phelps (aka The Weasley Twins from Harry Potter) were doing a panel and I knew I needed to be there! For those new to the blog, Harry Potter is a HUGE part of my life and I tend to talk about it (arguably) too much.

Walking in was a little overwhelming, but I got over that quickly by seeing all the incredible costumes, characters, artists and vendors. The merchandise selections were so fun and brought out my pop culture obsession even more! Don't you love when that happens? Not to mention the artwork was amazing and people-watching was so fun! I honestly loved every second of it and definitely want to attend the entire weekend next year/go to other comic cons in the US!

Of course, I had to style a Harry Potter inspired look (duh) by pairing this Deathly Hallows shirt ($13!!!), my fave black culottes (kind of like a Hogwarts uniform-right?), Topshop lace up flats and Cline sunnies! Enjoy the look!

-Paresa xx



Have you attended Comic Con before? Love Harry Potter? Comment below with your pop culture obsession!