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Paresa Kouhestani

Hey darlings! Sorry for the sudden absence, but I'm still here! It's been a crazy couple of months since last checking in! I made the big move from Colorado to Washington, D.C. and am totally loving it! I have a lot of family here and this is a city that I love! It's not as crazy busy and dirty as NYC, but still has big city vibes. Not to mention such good shopping, eats and fashion scenes! The menswear game I see on the metro every morning is strong-- I love it! 

I usually take a blogging break during the summer mainly because there's so much going on, but also because summer just isn't my season. I have very pale skin (#obviously) and sunburn so easily! Not to mention I cannot stand heat and humidity. I usually don't update my wardrobe over the summer, because I don't really care to. I would much rather put that money towards a Fall and Winter wardrobe-anyone else feel that way?

top: Nordstrom // leggings: Zella // trench vest: Amazon // boots: Zara  //
handbag: Longchamp

I've decided to try and bring more colors into my wardrobe. We will see how far I actually get because most of my wish lists still include most black and gray items, but I'm getting there! I found this extra long maroon sleeveless trench vest and loved it! It's great for those Fall days when it's not super cold, but you still want something warm(ish). I paired it with my favorite long-sleeve top (I have this in 5 colors!) and my must-have high-waist leggings! If you don't own a pair of high-waist leggings, you aren't living your best life! They are legit amazing and oh-so flattering. I also found these ah-mazing booties from Zara. That's another great thing I love about being on the East Coast--I'm close to Zara again (#bless)!  The shape of the heel is different and giving me retro vibes and they are so affordable! Enjoy the look and keep an eye on the blog for DC travel posts and more!

-Paresa xx

top: Nordstrom // leggings: Zella // trench vest: Amazon // boots: Zara  //
handbag: Longchamp


Know any good places to eat in DC? Comment below with your recs!

Maroon Tuesdays

Paresa Kouhestani

Hello darlings! For those of you surviving these East Coast summers--more power to you!! I don't know how people could ever survive these things! Seriously, me and my wardrobe are not built for this heat and humidity! That has lead me to create light weight comfortable looks that still protect my skin during those 100% humid days!

I found these great high-waisted shorts at H&M with a tie waist and flirty detail around the waist! They come in several colors so I decided to go with the maroon so I could wear them into fall with black tights! I paired it with one of my favorite 3/4 length sleeve black shirt (on sale now!!) which is great for nights out or for Summer Friday's in the office! Enjoy!

Paresa xx

top: Lush

shorts: H&M

shoes: ALDO

Culotte Thursdays

Paresa Kouhestani

Hello darlings! I wanted to share my favorite summer piece-culottes. My skin type (and wardrobe) are not built for hot summer weather so culottes are perfect for those who have really pale skin and still want something comfortable and lightweight. This total throwback piece is making a comeback and I'm obsessed!

I was a little hesitant at first, but once I found the perfect pair-I never take them off! My closet is filled with blacks, blues and grays which is why I decided to share this black pair, but I did find some cute colored linen culottes which are great for those who like a more colorful wardrobe. I paired my culottes with a simple black bodysuit (both on sale now!!!) and my new favorite tassel sandals. Enjoy!

top: ASOS

culottes: Trouvé via Nordstrom

shoes: ALDO