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Paresa Kouhestani

Hi Everyone!

It’s been awhile, right? Sorry for being so MIA, but sometimes life just takes over! I recently went on a trip to Banff, Canada and it was kind of amazing. I can’t remember the last time I had such a good and drama free vacation. I’ve recently posted my travel guide for Banff which you can view HERE, but I also wanted to share some of the outfits I wore.


September in Banff means cold, chilly, rainy and even snowy days! I was very excited for this because I LOVE the cold! Fall in DC doesn’t hit until October/November and I was getting more and more excited about the possibility of snow while we were in Canada. Since I was expecting cold weather, I wanted to get thin thermal layers that weren’t too bulky, so it would make hiking easier and that I could easily layer. Some of you know, my go to color is black. It’s easy to wash, goes with everything and it’s always in season. Most of what I brought was black, but they are things that I ALWAYS wear because I can. These are pieces I know I can count on and I always keep in my closet.


Our first day at Lake Louise, and hiking the Plain of Six Glaciers, was overcast and there was a possible chance of rain all day. I decided to go with a Columbia thermal I bought for ski season, Zella leggings, this J. Crew puffer vest and my BCBG rain coat. I had heard from a couple friends that I should bring actual hiking boots, but I didn’t want to invest in hiking shoes so I just brought my Nike’s and it was totally fine! This worked out really well because when we first started walking I was thinking I didn’t wear enough layers because I was freezing. Once we started the Plain of Six Glaciers hike, since it’s mostly steep go up, it really warmed us up and it was easy to loose the light layers and carry.

thermal: Columbia (similar here) // leggings: Zella // puffer vest: J. Crew (runs large, order 1 size down) // rain jacket: BCBG (older, similar here) // shoes: Nike (older, similar here)


Our second day we went to the gorgeous Moraine Lake and I decided to go with this waffle pattern thermal I got at Costco (yes, THAT Costco, but it was only $12!), Zella leggings, a J. Crew puffer vest, my BCBG rain coat AND my short puffer jacket. It was very cold that morning and I needed all the layers I could get! Once we got in the canoes, I shed the rain coat because the rowing was giving me a good workout, but it’s always better to be too hot and able to take layers off, then it is to be freezing and not have anything warmer, right?

thermal: Costco // leggings: Zella // puffer vest: J. Crew (runs large, order 1 size down) // jacket: Andrew Marc (older, similar here) // shoes: Nike (older, similar here)


Our final day was sunnier and better weather at Johnston Canyone so I decided to fore-go all the layers and stick to this amazing new thermal from Uniqlo, Zella leggings and my rain jacket.

sweater: Uniqlo // leggings: Zella // puffer vest: J. Crew (runs large, order 1 size down) // rain jacket: BCBG (older, similar here // shoes: Nike (older, similar here)

Have any of you been to Banff or plan to? Comment below and let me know other amazing places you’d recommend! Don’t forget to follow me on Insta!

Workout Wednesdays

Paresa Kouhestani

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely week so far! This past week I (finally) decided to start properly "working out." Some of you know I grew up in Colorado which meant I was always doing something active. From hiking a couple times a week, going skiing every weekend or walking around parks and neighborhoods! With the high altitude, I was naturally drinking tons of water everyday, so I never felt the need to go to the gym to stay fit. Now that I'm older, I have found it is harder to lose weight (and stay toned) and much easier to gain weight. Especially when you're living in a new city! You want to have a fun social life and try new restaurants and I am no exception. I crave sweets and desserts ALL THE TIME! A couple of my friends have said I'm their only friend who could literally eat ice cream and cookies for all three meals--which is completely true!

My sister has been telling me about Classpass for the last year. Classpass is a fitness membership that allows you to pay a monthly fee and take ANY fitness classes you want at several locations in your area. For example, if you love yoga, you can choose from countless yoga studios in your area and go to a new studio every time! I recently signed up for 5 classes a month because I've never taken fitness classes and I wanted to see if it was something I was comfortable doing. I just did my first barre class and OMG--my legs are so sore! You can choose to take 10 classes a month or even an unlimited amount! The best thing is, you aren't limited to taking classes in the state you sign up in! If you're traveling, you can take classes anywhere! If any of you are interested, click here for more info and here to get $20 off your first month!

Because I don't usually workout-I was on the hunt for fun and colorful clothes! I feel like color is the best way to make working out more fun, right?! I found this super comfy and affordable sports bra and equally as comfy and colorful tank at Nordstrom rack for under $15 each! I paired it with my favorite Zella cropped leggings and these sticky bottom barre socks! I also found this amazing rose gold water bottle which I love because hello--it's rose gold!! Enjoy!

-Paresa xx

top: z by zella (comes in so many colors!!)

sports bra: Marika

leggings: Zella

barre socks: z by zella

waterbottle: S'well (similar available at Nordstrom rack for $15!!)