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Paresa Kouhestani

Hello darlings! I have recently become a HUGE fan of veggie burgers and upon my recent trip to New York, we knew we had to try by CHLOE. It's totally vegan, which is normally a turn off for me (no offense to vegans), but we kept seeing it on Instagram and it looked so delish! Let me just say, if I could eat at by CHLOE everyday, I would 100% become vegan! I'm telling you--it was one of the most delicious things I've had in a long time! 


With locations in NYC, LA, Boston and Rhode Island, you will leave you feeling full, healthy and energized. There are several locations in NYC, but if you get the Guac Burger, you won't be disappointed! They also have salads, sandwiches and ice cream, I mean...what else could you possibly need?!


Denver Biscuit Company

Paresa Kouhestani

Hi Darlings! Yo, it's August. When did that happen?! I'm so ready for Fall and cozy sweaters! I recently went to Stanley Marketplace in Aurora for their monthly Jazz Hang(ar) where they have local artists selling their art, and some doing paintings live, while local musicians play jazz. Before going into the event, my friend and I walked around Stanley Marketplace to see what good spots they have for dinner. Stanley Marketplace is my new favorite space. It reminds me a little bit of Chelsea Market in New York. There's tons of different food options, retail, exercise and office spaces in a modern industrial space!

We decided to hit up Denver Biscuit Company and it was amazing! I didn't really know what to expect, but after looking at the drink menu alone, I knew I was going to like it. I ordered a Strawberry Rhubarb Moscow Mule made from their homemade strawberry rhubarb jam! It was so delicious! For food I ordered The Ellsworth, which was fried chicken with buttermilk biscuits, pickles and locally made honey! It was a dream! So delicious and the portions were *relatively* normal. They looked HUGE at first, but definitely something you could finish in one go! 

They have a couple locations spread across the Denver Metro Area and they even have a food truck! They close early in the afternoon at their Denver locations, but stay open for dinner at the Stanley Marketplace location. Find them here and I defo recommend this place on your next trip to Denver or biscuit craving!

-Paresa xx

Have you discovered Stanley Marketplace yet? What shops/noms are you loving?

The Truffle Cottage

Paresa Kouhestani

I've recently experienced my first Comic Con in Denver and came across this perfectly nerdy (and delicious) truffle company and wanted to share! The Truffle Cottage specializes in chocolates (duh) but adds a fun element--fandoms! TTC makes chocolate boxes related to Harry Potter (#bless), Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Dr. Who and more! 

I can't tell you how excited I was to come across this booth at DCC! I mean when you add two of your favorite things together, like chocolate and Harry Potter, what could be better?! Check out what chocolates you can explore with The Truffle Cottage here.