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Paresa Kouhestani

Hello darlings! I have recently become a HUGE fan of veggie burgers and upon my recent trip to New York, we knew we had to try by CHLOE. It's totally vegan, which is normally a turn off for me (no offense to vegans), but we kept seeing it on Instagram and it looked so delish! Let me just say, if I could eat at by CHLOE everyday, I would 100% become vegan! I'm telling you--it was one of the most delicious things I've had in a long time! 


With locations in NYC, LA, Boston and Rhode Island, you will leave you feeling full, healthy and energized. There are several locations in NYC, but if you get the Guac Burger, you won't be disappointed! They also have salads, sandwiches and ice cream, I mean...what else could you possibly need?!



Paresa Kouhestani

Like most of you, I love Pop Tarts! They are quick for on-the-go and easy grab. Not only that, but they make a million flavors and they taste so good--however, they aren't extremely healthy for you. I recently discovered Megpies! Megpies makes tarts or 'pockets of joy' as they like to call them and are based in New York. I hadn't heard of them while I was living in New York, but now that I have--they are hard to forget about.

One of the biggest things I love is that you can find them even if you don't live on the East Coast. I found them on mouth.com, but if you aren't in New York, they are sold in Starbucks locations and Treatsie.

I've only tried the strawberry flavor, but if the others are half as good as strawberry--it'll be hard not to try them all!


Paresa Kouhestani

I finally got the chance to try 10Below Ice Cream! For those who follow a lot of food accounts on Instagram (#guilty) you will all know what the newest ice cream sensation is-thai style ice cream rolls! I first saw this place from one of the fashion bloggers I follow about 7 months ago and knew I needed to make a special trip here!

There are several locations in NYC now, but 10Below is one of the originals. It's deep into Chinatown so be prepared to walk at least 10 minutes from any subway station, but it's close to the Brooklyn Bridge so it makes for a fun stroll! I went with my friend Kristen on a Friday afternoon and there was a small line, but it moves quickly and we didn't wait for more than 15 minutes. We both ended up choosing their Cookies Monster flavor (aka cookies and cream). They call your name and make your cup right in front of you which makes it so cool to experience--make sure to check out my Instagram account for the full time lapse! When I got my cup it didn't seam like a lot of ice cream, but it's so fresh and filling-I definitely recommend anyone try this style of ice cream-especially during summer! Cheers and enjoy!