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Rush Bowls

Paresa Kouhestani

Hello Darlings! Is anyone else having a hard time accepting it's already JUNE! What?! How'd that happen?? You all know I've been super obsessed with acai (ah-sigh-ee) bowls for the last year and I recently found my new favorite acai place--Rush Bowls. I'm 100% serious when I say it's the BEST bowl I've ever had. Their bowl flavors are diverse, fun and full of flavor! I tried the Peach Cobbler Bowl and it's life changing! No joke! 

With flavored bowls like Graham Berry, Apple Pie, Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Paradise, everyone is bound to find something they like on the menu. The best part--it's SO AFFORDABLE and healthy! I can't tell you how many times I've paid between $12-15 for a small/medium sized acai bowl. The Rush Bowls are all UNDER $9 and they are so HUGE, I couldn't even finish my bowl! Amazing right?! 

For the moment they only have locations in Colorado, however locations are opening soon in California, Tennessee, Missouri and Arizona! Not located in these states? No problem! They sell Rush Bowls on Amazon and in (some) Whole Foods locations! 

How do you like your Rush Bowl? Comment Below!

Peteybird Ice Cream Sandwiches

Paresa Kouhestani

Last weekend I was exploring the RiNo (River North) neighborhood in Denver and discovered Peteybird! Since coming back from DC and NYC I've been searching for good local dessert places! There were so many options in DC and NYC and it's been hard to find similar places in Colorado. Peteybird's ice cream sandwiches are a mini version of a typical one you're probably picturing. They combine lovely flavors and they are so delish!


They even offer unique catering options for weddings and events like an ice cream bike and ice cream carts! Not mention they have a monthly subscription type program (similar to BirchBox) where you get a box of 12 ice cream sandwich flavors delivered to your door! How lovely is that?!  Check out their new location in RiNo here, opening Summer 2017!


Paresa Kouhestani

Like most of you, I love Pop Tarts! They are quick for on-the-go and easy grab. Not only that, but they make a million flavors and they taste so good--however, they aren't extremely healthy for you. I recently discovered Megpies! Megpies makes tarts or 'pockets of joy' as they like to call them and are based in New York. I hadn't heard of them while I was living in New York, but now that I have--they are hard to forget about.

One of the biggest things I love is that you can find them even if you don't live on the East Coast. I found them on mouth.com, but if you aren't in New York, they are sold in Starbucks locations and Treatsie.

I've only tried the strawberry flavor, but if the others are half as good as strawberry--it'll be hard not to try them all!