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Paresa Kouhestani

After 3 years Ed Sheeran released his 3rd album, Divide, and once again, I've fallen in love with his talent! My sister and I went to his concert a couple summers ago at Red Rocks near Denver and he is incredible live! Most of you know he is a one man band--crazy right?! He doesn't have a drummer or any back up vocals--it's all him! 

He released a couple singles in the first weeks of January, but now his entire album is available and I just love it! Of course there are a couple slower songs that are great to listen to on a rainy day, but one of my faves is Nancy Mulligan. It just makes me want to get up, Irish dance and drink Guinness all day down at the pubs (if only I lived in the UK)! Ed writes the best lyrics because they actually tell a story instead of just saying words to make the song rhyme--ya know? Enjoy the album out now on iTunes or Spotify!