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see what my current song or podcast obsession is 

EW's BINGE Podcast

Paresa Kouhestani

This podcast is my new obsession! EW's BINGE podcast talks about major moments from TV and movies and for Season One, they are covering the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Naturally, I knew I would love this right away because I love a good chat about anything related to Harry Potter. Each episode talks about each book/movie and what they loved, what they wanted to see, and what they wish filmmakers did differently. In addition to totally geeking out about HP, they talk to cast and crew members that worked on the films and have been involved with anything HP!  

For those that don't love HP (by the way-how can you not love HP?!) Season Two will not be HP related so it's still worth giving this podcast a listen. Download and listen to the podcast here.