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Private Parts Podcast

Paresa Kouhestani

Hello darlings! Hope you are all doing so well! So I have a question for you. Is anyone totally obsessed with British TV shows like Downton Abbey, Sherlock, The Great British Bake Off and Luther? SAME! In addition to scripted TV shows I LOVE the reality shows--especially Made In Chelsea. Made In Chelsea is a posher version of The Hills and The City and it's amazing! Two of the stars from that reality show started a podcast and it's legit hilarious and amazing! 

Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle just talk about their life and happenings and it's hilarious and so easy to love! First off, they are British, so it makes it so easy to listen to-I just love a good British accent! Secondly, they've known each other for forever, so they have a really great flow and know secrets about each other. Finally, they are total opposite of each other. Jamie is more of the party-boy Londoner while Francis is the more sophisticated entrepreneur which creates the perfect dynamic! 

It's a new podcast so there aren't as many episodes available, but if you love listening to British people and love comedy, this is the podcast for you! Enjoy!!

-Paresa xx