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Paresa Kouhestani

I know I'm a little late to the game on this series, but if you haven't seen 11.22.63 yet-you're missing out! This mini hulu series is based off the Stephen King novel 11.22.63 about a time traveler brought back to the 1960's to stop the assassination of JFK. The only problem is, he is brought back to 1960 and has to survive three years without any iPhone's, computers, money or bringing attention to himself. 

The series stars the gorgeous James Franco as Jake Epping who kills some people, falls in love, and discovers what it's like to be an outsider. The series is dark, funny and kind-of amazing. I haven't read the book, but after bingeing through the entire series in two days-it's next on my to-read list. 

The casting of every character is so perfect and I love seeing a clean-shaven James Franco, who I couldn't take my eyes off of the entire show. If you're a fan of time period shows or anything related to time traveling in the past- you'll love this series! The costume and hair designs are beautiful and each episode runs around 60 minutes (or longer)! Which is always a good amount of time to escape from the real world!

Have you seen the show yet or read the book? What do you think? Don't you agree James Franco totally looks like James Dean? Comment below!