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Paresa Kouhestani


Snapchat: galmeetsglam // Instagram: @juliahengel

I honestly don't remember how I found this blog or when I started following Julia--I want to say I was still in college so at least 2 years ago! I love everything about Julia and her blog. Her and her husband travel SO much which is why I love her Snapchat because you get to see where they travel in real time and the way they photograph everything is so beautiful!

Not only do they travel a lot, but the style aspect of her blog is amazing--so many girly shades of blush and pinks! Julia even does quick makeup tips, hair tutorials, career/life advice chats on Instagram and Snapchat which is always fun! You can even subscribe to her daily newsletter where she answers Q&A's and shares the newest products she is obsessing over! 



Snapchat: thebodycoach // Instagram: @thebodycoach

If you are looking for the one person on Snapchat to motivate you every single morning and give you so much positive energy-you MUST follow The Body Coach. Joe started his career by sharing recipes on Instagram that are healthy and only take 15 minutes to make otherwise know as "lean in 15." Joe has also released two cookbooks/workout books and is currently traveling around England to promote the books.

I can honestly say Joe is ALWAYS so positive! When I first started following him on Snapchat I couldn't stop smiling when I watched his stories! I don't know if it's his British accent or the fact that he started his own company from nothing, but I always enjoy following his day to day life and his recipes actually look appetizing considering how healthy they are!



Snapchat: inthefrow // Instagram: @inthefrow

I first starting following Victoria around this time last year when Burberry Instagramed the picture above of Victoria at one of their fashion shows. I was considering dying my hair grey at the time and when I saw her-I wanted to know more about her and the rest of her style! Victoria is very similar to Julia and Joe because she travels a lot and she is very motivational and positive on her Snapchat stories. Not to mention she is one blogger that I live vicariously through because she focuses on more high end designers like Dior, Chloe and more! 

Not to mention I feel like we would be excellent travel buddies-I swear she goes to at least one Disney resort a year and so many places around the world that I would love to experience! Her makeup tutorials are amazing because they are so simple and she occasionally does ASOS and Topshop hauls which are a price point that I can definitely afford. I also love that she has a Northern British accent and has a freaking PhD (I know right?!) and she has made blogging and traveling into a profession--career goals am I right?!