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Paresa Kouhestani

I very happily stumbled upon The Last Tycoon on Amazon Prime looking for a new series- and I am so happy I found it! The series, based off the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, stars the gorgeous Matt Bomer as Monro Stahr, a 1930's studio exec who wants to stir things up at a Hollywood studio. I don't know if I am just obsessed with period dramas or Matt Bomer, but I am SO excited for the rest of the season! 

Not only is the hair and makeup so beaut, but this series correlates with the You Must Remember This podcast I am currently listening to. So when they talk about RKO Pictures or other stars in 1930's Hollywood-I actually know and understand what they are talking about!

I already love everything about the series, which has only released one episode as of today (June 17th). The actors, the double-breasted suits, the sets, the subtle Frank Sinatra music playing in the background...it's all so glamorous! I highly recommend this for anyone who finds the old school Hollywood era fascinating-and looking at Matt Bomer isn't the worst thing either!