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Paresa Kouhestani

Over the last couple weeks movie star Shia LaBeouf (Even Stevens, Transformers, Fury) has been tweeting GPS coordinates from various locations around Colorado. Being a big Shia fan, someone from Colorado, and someone who shares the same birthday as LaBeouf-naturally I got excited and very intrigued. 


It was finally released that Shia, and a few others, are using Twitter to tweet their GPS location for the next 30 days as a performance art piece. Once the tweet has been sent, whom ever finds Shia and the gang first can decide where to take them. They are basically hitchhiking their way to wherever life takes them. The entire project will be documented and on display at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Remember when Shia stood in an elevator for 24 hours, or watched ALL his acting work and invited others to watch with him? I have to say this isn't one of the most crazy things Shia has done, and I kind of love it! Great way for locals to show Shia their favorite spots and very entertaining to follow! You can follow along on Twitter by searching #takemeanywhere or on their website