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Paresa Kouhestani

The Apple Store in SoHo hosts events based around films, music or books where artists, directors and actors discuss their latest project and gives fans an opportunity to see the stars in a more intimate environment. I've been to a few events and I always love seeing what my favorite actors look (and sound) like off screen.

I have to admit- I mainly went to this event because I'm a fan of James McAvoy and Evan Peters, who were both on the panel, and then I saw Josh Horowitz walk out and I started to completely freak out! Some of you know that I LOVE Josh's Happy Sad Confused podcast. I turned to my friend who I went with and started getting more excited that Josh was there--crazy right?!

It was so fun to see them and once I knew Josh was moderating it-I knew it would be a fantastic interview! At the close of the interview everyone rushed up to the stage to get pictures with the stars and James McAvoy stayed the longest to take pics and sign autographs with EVERYONE-so sweet right?! I honestly rushed up to get a "happy, sad and confused" pic with Josh, but he rushed off the stage too quickly! Overall it was such a fab night and I love every bit of it!

-Paresa xx