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Gift Guide: Ornaments for Pop Culture Lovers

Paresa Kouhestani

Hello darlings!! Hope you all are doing so well!! I cannot believe it's already December and Christmas is less than 19 days away!! I know some of you are starting to decorate your homes with Christmas cheer and I thought I would share some awesome ways to spice up your Christmas tree! I've worked at a locally owned Christmas store for 6 years now and the ornaments they carry are amazing! I think its so fun to put up unique ornaments on your tree that represent something significant from that year or reminds you of a special memory. Some of my favorite ornaments are pop culture related and I wanted to put together a little gift guide for those of you searching for the perfect gift! Enjoy and let me know if you know of any other amazing pop culture related ornaments!



The Dobby ornament is one of many 'magical creature' ornaments sold at Barnes and Noble. Others include Dementors, Buckbeak, Nagini, Hedwig and a Phoenix!



The castle ornament is only $4.99 and Amazon Prime eligible! Super amazing deal, am I right?! I bought one for myself!



Is it just me or do all GoT ornaments totally tie in with Christmas?!



Isn't the pop tart so presh?!




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